The Daily Express ran the most Express front page on the EU ever

(Picture: THIERRY CHARLIER/AFP/Getty Images
(Picture: THIERRY CHARLIER/AFP/Getty Images

Friday's Daily Express front page heralded the fall of the European Union, which we suppose is a typical Friday for the paper really.

We wonder where they got the idea from...

There's a reason you shouldn't report a poll of your readership as indicative of a wider demographic.

That reason is that 27 per cent of Express readers supported Ukip at the last election, a party that only won 12.6 per cent of the UK's vote share, and thus only six per cent of the country's votes.

This is the same demographic of people who believe that:

Anyway, here's what the pollsters say...

A new YouGov poll for the Times has reported a bump for the leave vote after David Cameron revealed the new draft EU deal on Tuesday.

The latest poll showed that 45 per cent would intend to vote to leave the EU, compared to 36 per cent who would vote to remain a member of the European Union.

Two per cent said they would not vote.

The deal was seen by some eurosceptic critics as falling short in proposals on curbing immigration, as well as limiting benefits for non-British EU citizens.

Overall, the leave vote has gained a nine point lead after the proposals were announced, and will seek to pounce on the deal's lukewarm reception to convince the 17 per cent still undecided on the referendum vote.

It's still not quite 92 per cent who are voting out, though.

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