The greatest political interview of all time happened this week (according to John Oliver)

In case you missed it, the greatest political interview of all time took place in the past week.

That's according to John Oliver anyway, who has awarded the accolade to John Key and the radio station Radio Hauraki.

Key is the prime minister of New Zealand - or as Oliver put it on Last Week Tonight "Hobbit Australia" - but nevertheless agreed to answer ten yes or no 'thank you for your honesty' personal questions where the only option is telling the truth.

Here's how that went for the PM (you can watch the video below):

Have you been drunk, tipsy or twangered in the past month?


Have you ever killed an animal bigger than an insect?


Have you pashed [French kissed] a man?


Was the Virgin Mary really a virgin?


Do you trim your downstairs?


Have you ever done wees in the shower?


Have you ever stolen anything?

Um... yes

Have you ever sent a dick pic?


Is [New Zealand TV anchor] Wendy Petrie sexy?

Ah, um, yes because otherwise she might be mortally offended if I say no

Have you fed the chickens in the past month?

I've got to take the fifth. [Is pushed for an answer]. I can't answer that question, for fear of being sued by my wife. If it was yes it would definitely be with my wife.

As Oliver notes:

I don't know what I love the most there: the fact he felt qualified to weigh in on the Virgin Mary, the fact he confessed to theft and shower urination, or the admission he does not trim his pubic hair. This is the single greatest political interview of all time.

The only time he might have lied is regarding the dick pic question, because of course he has sent one and I'll tell you why: When you are prime minister John Key, every pic is a dick pic, that's a fact, that's just a fact.

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