The internet is completely flipping out over this gymnast's amazing hip-hop routine

Gymnastics routines and hip-hop don't often appear in the same sentence. But the video below proves they should:

The floor exercise is usually accompanied by sparkly costumes, music, and a few ballet-style flourishes here and there.

But 21-year old Sophina DeJesus of the UCLA gymnastics team has changed the game after a video of her incredible hip-hop routine has damn near broken the internet after it was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday.

While her flips and tumbles were technically excellent, it was DeJesus' moves between exercises - doing the whip and nae nae and hitting the quan - that got the crowd, and an appreciative online audience, going.

She ended up with a score of 9.925, which was not quite the perfect 10 the audience begged for, but still one of the best of the meet.

Floor tumbles aren't even DeJesus' best event. She usually does bars, and this was her first floor routine of the competition season.

The student told the New York Times that her sister helped choreograph the routine - and she has plenty more planned for upcoming competitions.

Watch all 2:30 of DeJesus' performance below:

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