The top ten Republican candidates, in order of crazy

The candidates who've made it into the first Republican primary television debate were announced last night, and they're not exactly a sight for sore eyes.

The ten presidential hopefuls - whittled down from a total of 17 - invited to take the stage were decided by the most recent well-respected national polling data. The eagerly anticipated debate - the first of this campaign season - will air on Thursday on Fox News.

If you thought the all-party UK election debate back in April looked like an episode of Take Me Out, feast your eyes upon the motley crew who will be gracing television screens across the US later this week. We've ordered them in terms of general craziness, with a rationale for why they deserve their ranking. Remember: These ten people are terrifyingly closer than most to becoming the most powerful individual in the world.

10. Chris Christie

I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Hot-tempered, straight-talking New Jersey governor Chris Christie has long been viewed as presidential material precisely because he's not as mad as his GOP colleagues, but he fell from grace because of the 'Bridgegate' scandal in late 2014, when it emerged that one of his aides had instructed the closure of the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan as a retaliatory act of local politicking.

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