The View hosts compare each other's bare feet in bizarre segment

The View hosts compare each other's bare feet in bizarre segment
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The cast of The View are no strangers to controversial topics, but a bizarre segment about feet has viewers genuinely puzzled.

During the ABC talk show's “Hot Topics” segment, the ladies had a conversation about household etiquette that somehow resulted in a debate about which one of them had the most attractive feet.

How the two correlate is the question of the day for The View's audience.

The show kicked things off by discussing a viral recent Wall Street Journal op-ed that argued against people being expected to take off their shoes in other people’s homes.

In the article, journalist Kris Frieswick argues that house floors are probably dirtier than a guest's shoes. Frieswick also says that being barefoot could result in her stubbing her toe, therefore she won't comply with requests to take off her footwear when entering someone else's home.

"You can't tell people what you will or and will not do when they've invited you to their home," said Whoopi Goldberg.

“Well, not everybody has gorgeous feet like I have,” Joy Behar then quipped before she showed off her own bare foot and plopped it on the table.

"Should guests honor a host's 'no-shoes' rule? #TheView co-hosts discuss!" the show's official Twitter page wrote.

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The ladies seem to agree that Behar, indeed, has attractive feet.

Goldberg then noted, “I just want to put this out there, there is a place on the Internet called [wikiFeet], and Joy’s feet are on wikiFeet,” Goldberg said.

Sara Haines added “She’s kind of a big deal.”

After the group searches for their rating on the site, they find that some of the other hosts have higher ranks than Behar with her having a score of 4 out of 5 stars.

Ana Navarro has a 4.5, Haines has a 4.75, and Sunny Hostin has a perfect 5-star rating.

“I’ve seen your feet, and they’re piggy-toed!” Behar told Navarro, before slamming Hostin by saying, “Your second toe is longer than your first.”

Haines eventually also propped her foot up on the table alongside Behar.

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