Plane passenger’s hilarious reaction to fellow flyer removing shoes during flight goes viral

<p>(Left) The TikToker is unsure about how to move the passenger’s foot off his arm rest (Right) He decides to pour water on the foot - which works!</p>

(Left) The TikToker is unsure about how to move the passenger’s foot off his arm rest (Right) He decides to pour water on the foot - which works!


A man has gone viral for his perfect response when an airplane passenger behind him used his armrest to relax their bare foot.

TikTok account The Walker Brothers (@the.walker.twins) posted the awkward encounter, saying in the caption: “Had to do something.”

At the beginning of the clip, footage shows one of the brothers wearing a face mask as he asks in text format: “What to do in this situation?”

After he films himself, he then pans down to his left arm rest – only to find he had company. The passenger behind him decided to make themselves at home on the flight by kicking off their shoes and socks, and resting their bare foot on the TikToker’s armchair.

But, there was no way the TikToker was going to let foot lounging slide.

He decided to teach the passenger a lesson about plane etiquette, as he shows the camera his bottle of water and films himself pouring water on the passenger’s rogue foot.

It appears the passenger got the not-so-subtle message loud and clear because they quickly remove their foot from the arm rest.

Since the clip was posted two days ago, it has had over 4.5m views, with over 420,000 likes.

Thousands have also commented about the TikToker’s hilarious revenge and the inconsiderate passenger. You can watch the video in full here.

One person wrote: “I can’t think of a better solution to get your point across.”

“Right on, I’m so tired of people and their lack of respect for others,” another person commented.

Someone else added: “I can’t even imagine having that level of audacity to put my FOOT on a strangers armrest like HOW.”

“Yaaasss! Great idea! Harmless yet super effective! Love it,” a fourth person replied.

Meanwhile, others shared how they would have dealt with the bare foot – and let’s just say the passenger was lucky none of them were sitting in front of him...

One person said: “I would’ve sneezed and sprinkled water at the same time.”

Some have also questioned whether the TikToker actually knew the passenger behind him.

One person asked: “Was this real or did you know them?”

“It’s fake. They knew them and set it up,” another person wrote.

Someone else also agreed: “It is probably staged between friends!“

At least we have some inspiration for how to do with a similarly relaxed passenger in the future...

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