The war-torn countries Britain is sending child asylum seekers back to

The Home Office has admitted that thousands of young people who sought refuge in Britain have been deported to repressive regimes and countries partly controlled by Isis and the Taliban.

Over the past nine years 2,748 young people, many of whom had spent formative years in the UK, forging friendships and going to school have been sent back to the dangerous countries they fled as refugees.

Unaccompanied child asylum seekers arriving in the UK are given temporary leave to remain. But this expires when they become adults, at which point many are sent back to their home country - even if they have taken GCSEs and A-levels, integrated into British society and lost touch with their homeland.

They often struggle to start new lives, because their Westernised mannerisms mean they are regarded with suspicion.

These are some of the countries the British government has been deporting asylum seekers to:

The findings, were triggered by questions from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Labour MP Louise Haigh.

Read the Independent's full report here

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