Theresa May criticised for inviting 'more men named Steve' than women or people of colour to crucial Brexit talks

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Brexit is a frightful mess, isn’t it?

If things weren’t terrible enough for embattled prime minister Theresa May, she had a rather spiky set of meetings on Sunday at Chequers – the prime minister’s official rural residence – to decide the future of the country.

This came after reports suggested May's own cabinet were calling for her resignation and organising a coup against her.

Let’s just say, based on this list, we’re not very envious of the her Sunday…

Though, politics aside, people are calling out the prime minister for the shocking lack of diversity in these crucial meetings.

Novelist Stephanie Merritt pointed out that May had invited not just more men, but more men named Steve, than women.

Others agreed. Is it too much to ask that one woman, other than the PM, be present at meetings to decide the country’s future?

Journalist Jane Merrick thought that, without men arguing, women could untangle the Brexit mess together.

Author Malorie Blackman, who wrote the iconic Noughts & Crosses series, also pointed out a staggering lack of racial diversity.

Another day, another round of criticism for the PM.

At this point Theresa May is probably wishing she had a time machine to take her back to the days when her only worries were which wheat field she'd be running through.

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