The best jokes and memes about the latest Tory cabinet coup against Theresa May

Another day, another day of political developments that make the mind boggle.

In today’s news, a full-scale cabinet coup is reportedly underway. Prime minister Theresa May’s cabinet colleagues are reportedly preparing to tell the PM that her time is up, lining up David Lidington and Michael Gove as potential “caretaker” replacements.

But despite the fact that May’s Brexit deal still looks unlikely to pass, with no-deal Brexit looming, people have managed to see the funny side things.

Because what’s more British than making jokes about an impending disaster?

Larry the Downing Street cat was an early frontrunner to replace Mrs May.

Others sarcastically referred to the lack of viable replacements.

Though many were more than happy for the latest round of drama.

Then there were the inevitable Uri Geller jokes after the magician wrote a bizarre letter suggesting he would use telepathy to stop Brexit.

And those who were secretly loving the chaos...

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