Theresa May visited a school in Copeland today and it really didn't go well

British Prime Minister Theresa May visited Copeland today ahead of the by-election next week.

The PM was accused of "ducking" important questions on the healthcare industry by the Labour candidate hoping to win the parliamentary seat Gillian Troughton.

But that's not what we're here to talk about today.

We're here to talk about Ms May's visit to a school in Bootle, and what happened there.

The photos from the visit were spotted by the Independent's Ashley Cowburn, who tweeted:

And he's right.

Picture:Picture: Getty

There are so many pictures of her enjoying herself.

Picture:Picture: Getty

Make it stop guys.

PIcture: Getty

Come back ridiculous leather trouser-gate all is forgiven.

Picture:Picture: Getty

The Photoshop game was strong early on.

Picture:Picture: (Getty /Doré/indy100)

As were the comparisons to her predecessors.

What a time to be alive and reporting on politics, eh?

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