Theresa May was seen dancing to Abba at a black-tie music festival and the jokes wrote themselves

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 15 July 2019 09:00

Theresa May was spotted dancing a jig to Abba during Henley Festival, and people online didn’t have to try at all – the jokes came easy.

The black-tie music event is £135 a head.

May looked distinctly at ease as she danced and sang along to Abba’s greatest hits, 'Mamma Mia', 'Take A Chance', and 'Money Money Money' performed by tribute band Björn Again.

The soon-to-be former prime minister was also seen dancing along to 'Dancing Queen' – the song she famously wiggled on stage to at the Conservative Party conference last year.

Over the years, May’s dancing skills have been the topic of discussion for, well, obvious reasons.

This time is no different.

People didn't have to try that hard to make jokes.

And people were reminded of her moves at the Conservative conference last year.

Others thought she deserved some downtime.

Strictly Come Dancing?

Others were done with politics.

May and her husband were attending the festival near her Maidenhead constituency on Saturday evening after watching the women’s singles final from the Royal Box at Wimbledon earlier in the day.

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