'Life comes at you fast' is the one thing everyone is taking away from this election

Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Hi there! If you've been pleasantly snoozing for the past few hours and have missed the craziness of the UK political system... Maybe you should go back to bed.

If you'd like to know what's going on though - here's a very brief, very simple summary.

It's gone terribly for Theresa May.

The Conservative leader called a snap general election in April in order to 'strengthen her hand' at the Brexit negotiating table.

The fact that she was polling ridiculously higher than her major opponent Jeremy Corbyn also probably played a massive part in her decision making as well.

However, things have most certainly not turned out the way she wanted - with massive losses for Conservatives around the country and some impressive gains by Labour, May looks set to have to form a minority government. Not the strong and stable one she was hoping for.

People on Twitter are summing all this up with the simple and timeless expression:

Life comes at you fast.

It does indeed.

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