Theresa May said God's guidance was helping her plan Brexit. So someone FOId it

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 17 December 2016 12:15

Politicians get advice from some questionable people.

That’s just politics. We all remember the likes of Andy Coulson or Sir Philip Green.

But Theresa May, who was brought up in a vicarage, has cited someone slightly more left field her adviser.


May told The Sunday Times in an interview last month that her faith will guide her decision-making concerning getting the country out of the EU:

I suppose there is something in terms of faith, I am a practising member of the Church of England and so forth, that lies behind what I do.

James McWilliam wasn't happy with the idea of this unvetted adviser influencing Brexit, so he's sent a Freedom of Information (FOI) request questioning May’s comments about being guided by God.

Titled 'Guidance from Prime Minister's faith in God', it states:

Dear Prime Minister’s Office,

Following a recent interview where the Prime Minister said that her faith in God would help guide our path out of Europe, could you please tell me what advice and/or guidance, official or otherwise, the Prime Minister has received, either from God directly or indirectly through her faith in God?

Yours faithfully,

James McWilliam

McWilliam is yet to receive a response, but we very much look forward to what the government will say.

Presumably, it'll be something along the lines of

God means God


Faith means faith.

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