The Queen's Speech took place this morning, which meant Her Majesty was forced to miss a bit of Ascot.

Veteran MP Dennis Skinner nodded to the races when interjecting, as the Black Rod summoned MPs in the House of Commons to the speech.

It's a bit of a tradition:

The Prime Minister Theresa May and the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn followed Black Rod to attend the speech, which marks the beginning of a new parliamentary session.

As they did so there were a long few moments of silence, with both steadfastly ignoring the fact they were walking alongside the other.

Boris Johnson and Emily Thornberry enjoyed a long chinwag in comparison.

People noticed how awkward it was:

Theresa finally broke the silence and said something to Corbyn, which he replied to with a shake of the head:


People also wondered what May said:

Maybe she was asking if he'd help her form a government?

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