In a perfect moment of symbolism, Theresa May's slogan falls apart as she speaks

Louis Dor
Wednesday 04 October 2017 12:15

UK Prime Minister Theresa May delivered her Conservative party conference speech on Wednesday 4 October, and it went very badly.

Just about everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

In the run up to the speech she was criticised for possibly taking a few lines from The West Wing:

Then, prankster Lee Nelson somehow breached security to deliver her a P45 form "from Boris Johnson".

Then, she started to lose her voice so badly that Chancellor Philip Hammond had to offer her a lozenge:

And finally, possibly the most cutting of all, her set fell apart behind her as she was speaking about

People couldn't really believe the final kick in the teeth:

Later pictures revealed that even more letters had fallen off:

Picture: REUTERS/Hannah McKay(REUTERS/Hannah McKay)

Viewers would be forgiven for inferring that the Conservatives can't build a functioning stage for everyone, let alone a country.

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