In 2014/15, Foreign Office staff helped over 17,000 British nationals who required serious assistance.

In total, 3,670 people died abroad in this period, according to the Helping British Nationals Abroad report.

A visualisation by Statista has shown where British people most commonly died away from home, requiring consular assistance (help from the Foreign Office):

In the same time period there were 3,250 hospitalisations, 4,770 arrests, 252 reported rape and sexual assault cases and 499 cases involving British nationals with mental health needs overseas.

At the time of the report’s release, Grant Shapps, minister for consular affairs, said:

Every day our dedicated staff are out helping British nationals across the globe. From making hospital visits and contacting friends and family in the UK, through to supporting grieving families or providing emergency travel documents so people can get home.

Most of us can look forward to a fantastic, trouble-free holiday this summer. But for those who do find themselves in difficulty, the FCO will continue to provide a crucial source of support.

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