These are the parts of the UK that like the EU the most

A survey of over 5,000 British people has shown that Scotland is the area most supportive of remaining in the European Union.

In total, 1,010 Welsh adults, 3,451 English adults, and 1,004 Scottish adults were surveyed in September by YouGov for the University of Cardiff.

Fifty per cent of Scots thought that the "the UK’s membership of the European Union is a good thing", while 55 per cent said they intended to vote to remain in the EU at the forthcoming referendum.

England was the least supportive of the countries, with the East of England the most opposed to remaining in the EU.

Forty per cent in the East thought that the UK's membership was a bad thing and half said they would vote to leave.

London was found to be a pro-EU island, however, with 42 per cent of respondents seeing membership as a good thing.

To see survey results in full, hover over or select regions on the interactive map below:

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