A Eurosceptic campaign group has been criticised after using an image of Remembrance Day to call on Britons to vote to leave the EU.

Leave.EU, one of two official "out" groups campaigning in the upcoming referendum, was accused of "political point scoring" and "shameful opportunism" after sending out this tweet at midday on Remembrance Sunday:

The tweet was deleted around an hour after being posted, but not before receiving a torrent of criticism online.

The group, which is supported by Ukip leader Nigel Farage and one of the party's biggest donors Arron Banks, claims on its website that it wants to "win back our country".

Some pointed out the irony of using Remembrance Day to argue for leaving the European Union, which was in part set up as a response to the nationalism and division that had led to such appalling devastation in the two world wars.

A spokesperson for the Leave.EU campaign told i100.co.uk: "It was a clumsy post and was not intended to offend which it clearly did and for which we apologise."

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