These men watched a video of their girlfriends getting catcalled and they didn't like it

Cosmopolitan recently conducted an interesting experiment: what would men have to say if they could actually witness their loved ones being harassed on the street?

While these guys know that catcalling is a reality for women, since it so rarely happens when men are around, they've never seen it first-hand before. Their reactions range from anger to disbelief.

Amy is minding her own business when sexual catcalls get hollered her way, and boyfriend Miguel is immediately very protective of her.

I hate it when people tell you that.

Jon was uncomfortable with how quickly the catcalling aimed at his girlfriend Tessa turned abusive.

Those people are scary.

At first Seth thought that the catcallers deserved to be mocked. But when his girlfriend Olivia walked past a strip club and someone outside told her, "We're hiring", it turned to anger.

I'm not supposed to get mad at that?!

All of the boyfriends agreed that the video was an eye opener into what women put up with on a daily basis. "I'm glad that people are making it an issue and not standing for it anymore,” Jon said.

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