This is how many languages some of the world's biggest websites currently recognise

By the end of 2015, 3.2 billion people (43.4 per cent of the world’s population) will be online, up from 2.9 billion (40.6 per cent) in 2014.

The proportion of households in the developing world with internet access has increased from 31.5 per cent at the end of 2014 to 34.1 per cent a year later.

Around 54.5 per cent of all web content is in English, despite an increase in internet users who do not understand it or prefer other languages.

Statista has visualised the extent to which some of the world's biggest websites accommodate for the growing number of languages used online.

Ethnologue estimate that 915 languages are considered to be "dying", and that the world loses six languages a year.

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