This is how many people have crossed the Mediterranean in 2016

Louis Dor
Saturday 06 February 2016 15:50

Eleven times as many refugees and migrants travelled to Europe over the Mediterranean sea in January 2016, than in January 2015, UNHCR data has revealed.

Furthermore, in the first five days of February, 2016 has already overtaken 2015's tally for the entire month.

This year People have predominately been arriving in Greece...

...and since the beginning of 2015, Mediterranean sea arrivals have mostly come from Syria:

At least 39 refugees drowned in the Aegean sea attempting to cross from Turkey to Greece at the end of January.

The Syrian city of Aleppo is currently experiencing heavy fighting, which was ongoing as world leaders pledged £7bn in aid for Syria in 2016.

Only 43 per cent of the money for 2015 has been paid.

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