This is the best way to work

It turns out having a boss is bad for you.

That's according to a report looking at freelancers in the creative, digital and IT industries headed up by Dr Jonathan Sapsed of the University of Brighton’s Business School in conjunction with the University of Sussex.

Looking at 32 individual interviews, 304 questionnaire responses and two focus groups, it found that people who freelanced tended to prefer it to full-time working - and worked just 38.2 hours per week.

The research found that freelancers are happier and paid more on average than other workers, earning an average (median) income of £42,857 per year compared to the national average (median) wage of £27,200.

Speaking to, Dr Sapsed said he was surprised by the findings. "If anything freelancers are slightly happier and also slightly more anxious," he said. "What we found was a very positive picture where freelancers act more like entrepreneurs. They are professional, business-like, good at self-promotion and managing multiple brands."

Nearly five million Britons are self-employed. The full report will be launched tomorrow in Brighton.

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