This is why getting rid of plastic bags is a very good thing

This is why getting rid of plastic bags is a very good thing

In 2014, 7.6billion plastic bags were given away to customers by major supermarkets in England.

That's 140 plastic bags per person, per year.

That's 61,000 tonnes of wasted plastic.

As of this week plastic bags will cost 5p from all large retailers in England.

This is why it is a good thing...

Plastic bag blows in the wind on a supermarket parking lot in west London

A pigeon scavenges for scraps of food inside a plastic bag

Plastic bag floats down Regent's Canal, London

Worker washes plastic on the outskirts of Mumbai

A garbage scavenger trawling for useful items in Jakarta, Indonesia

Garbage recycling, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Locals scavenging rubbish tip for recyclable materials, Guwahati, Assam

People living on rubbish dump, Sylhet, Bangladesh

The Bishnumati river running through Kathmandu in Nepal

Plastic bag caught on a Sea Fan, Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

Pacific Green Turtle suffocating on ingested plastic bag on Big Island, Hawaii

Need we say more?

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