This man went into incredible detail about how he survived two bear attacks in an hour

This man went into incredible detail about how he survived two bear attacks in an hour
Picture: Todd Orr/Facebook/screengrab

Surviving one bear attack is miraculous. Surviving two bear attacks in the same hour? Impossible.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened to adventurer Todd Orr on Saturday when an average morning hike in Seattle’s Madison valley while scouting for elk turned into a bear attack.

Orr had been careful on the trail – which was known to the occasional bear – and shouted ‘hey bear’ every 30 seconds to make sure he didn’t spook any that may have been around.

However a few steps into an open meadow, and he came across a female grizzly and her cubs.

He outlined the whole horrendous affair on Facebook:

Orr made noises and when that hadn't deterred the bear, sprayed bear spray towards her... to no avail.

Suddenly she turned and charged straight my way. I yelled a number of times so she knew I was human and would hopefully turn back. No such luck. Within a couple seconds, she was nearly on me. I gave her a full charge of bear spray at about 25 feet. Her momentum carried her right through the orange mist and on me.

I went to my face in the dirt and wrapped my arms around the back of my neck for protection. She was on top of me biting my arms, shoulders and backpack. The force of each bite was like a sledge hammer with teeth. She would stop for a few seconds and then bite again. Over and over.

The bear disappeared and Orr, disoriented and hurt, got himself up and all but ran back in the direction of his car.

However the bear wasn't done with him…

About five or ten minutes down the trail, I heard a sound and turned to find the Griz bearing down at 30 feet.

Again I protected the back of my neck with my arms, and kept tight against the ground to protect my face and eyes. She slammed down on top of me and bit my shoulder and arms again. One bite on my forearm went through to the bone and I heard a crunch. My hand instantly went numb and wrist and fingers were limp and unusable. The sudden pain made me flinch and gasp for breath. The sound triggered a frenzy of bites to my shoulder and upper back.

Eventually, after lying still, the bear lost interest and left.

Because Orr is a beast too, he drove himself to the hospital, where he underwent eight hours of stitching on his arms and shoulder, and a five inch gash on his head.

Madison County Sheriff Roger Thompson told the Montana Standard:

I think he did an excellent job under the circumstances, but he ran into a bear who wasn't happy with his presence — and he lived to tell about it… I think he should go out and buy a lottery ticket now.

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