This Tory election ad looks familiar

This Tory election ad looks familiar

The Tories have recycled a ten year-old political 'attack ad' from Australia to lampoon Ed Miliband in the run-up to the election.

Tory Central Office last month released this ad on its YouTube channel and promoted it through social media and the party’s website.

But eagle eyed politicos quickly realised that something was amiss. Because the video appears to be a complete rip-off of a political attack ad released by the Liberal Party in the 2004 Australian Elections. It is even set to the same jaunty Second World War Gracie Fields song ‘wish me luck as you wave me goodbye’.

Some might say that the creator of the original ad could well have a case for plagiarism against the Tories. But somehow that seems unlikely.

That’s because the Tory campaign is being run by a man called Lynton Crosby. And what was Lynton Crosby doing in 2004? He was helping to run the Australian Liberal Party’s election campaign.

It does however suggest that Mr Crosby may be a little short of ideas on how to help the Tories win this time though.

Compare and contrast the two below.

Britain, 2015

Australia, 2004

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