This German TikTok has won the internet even though most people can't understand it

Darren Richman
Monday 10 February 2020 14:15

Good comedy is universal and speaks an international language. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and now a group of German teenagers have proved one doesn’t need to speak the same language to find something wildly entertaining.

A video, posted to TikTok by a group of teens, has gone viral despite many of those sharing the footage having no clue what is actually being said.

The word “b****” figures more prominently than in a Jesse Pinkman-heavy episode of Breaking Bad, but the bulk of the video sees the adolescents conversing in their native tongue.

The internet was delighted by the footage even as most admitted they hadn’t a clue what was actually going on at any point.

Even the great Billy on the Street got involved since they undeniably had more than a hint of his vibe.

Others came up with pop culture captions of their own.

And now for the spoiler. For those who don't wish to know what all this means, please look away now.

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