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Time travellers, aye? What are they like? Travelling through time to tell us things that might happen in the future. What larks they must have.

For the past few months, these 'time travellers' have been making quite a name for themselves with their wild claims about what will happen in both the near and distant future.

The most infamous of these Marty McFly impersonators is a man named 'Noah' who has been sharing his knowledge of the future on the YouTube channel ApexTV.

Among the boldest claims that he has made, the only one that has seemed to have piqued any interest is that Martin Luther King Jr's granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King, will become president by 2030.

This is either because people are sick of Trump and are hoping that a future president will be far more intelligent, respectful and decent, or that she gave an amazing speech at the 2018 March for Our Lives that was very presidential.

Either way, Noah's claim is holding some water with his fellow time travellers as another man, this time named Adam Archon, has released a video where he not only claims that King will be president, but she will also be the last person to hold that position.

He says:

The last formal president of the United States is Yolanda King. She’s the best president the United States has ever seen.

He doesn't reveal when King becomes president, how long she holds the title for, or what she does in order for her to be the last president, but we can't knock the kid for living out his sci-fi fantasy.

Elsewhere in the clip, Archon says he is from the year 2045 and has travelled back to 2019 to spread awareness of time travel and reel off a series of things that probably won't happen, but it's fun to hear how imaginative people can be.

Beside King being the last president, he also says that by 2028 Aliens (who aren't from space) arrive on Earth, an implanted chip that allows people to expand their brain functions is available by 2029, every country begins to merge into one nation, and that there will be one single global currency.

However, keen viewers will notice that most of these things have been said by Noah in other videos so he is either trying to imitate his hero, or Noah rang a mate and told him to repeat the stuff he had said to make him look more credible.

I guess we won't know if any of this is true until 2030.

If you fancy watching the entire clip please do so in the video below.

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