YouTube 'time-traveller' claims he is revealing what will happen in the future to 'expose the government'


Noah, the time traveller from the year 2030, is by far our favourite YouTube celebrity.

He might not be as entertaining as Niko and his endless trolling of the British far-right but is much more likeable and less problematic than say...Logan Paul, which really isn't that hard when you think about it.

Throughout 2018, Noah has been popping up on the Apex TV YouTube channel and cautiously announcing what will happen in the next 12 years.

These include Martin Luther King Jr's granddaughter being elected president of the United States, that at least 10 Asian nations will join forces to create a superpower and that in 2019 North Korea will begin to plug people into computers.

Until now, nobody has really ever questioned why Noah was doing this. What was he gaining by telling the Internet what was going to happen in just over a decades time? Sure, he gained a small bit of fame and fortune but why would he put himself and presumably the space-time continuum at such risk?

Well, just like everyone else he is annoyed with his bosses and the poor conditions that he has to work in. In his latest video, Noah blames the government for his mistreatment, which he claims is worse than that of 'fast food workers' and people in 'sweatshops.' We're sure it isn't that bad but everyone is allowed to vent every once in a while.

He says:

The government doesn’t like time travellers. They have us work for them. They don’t really treat us well.

We’re treated worse than fast food workers. We’re treated worse than people who work in sweatshops in third-world countries.

Time travellers want to go out to expose the government because they’re so angry about being treated this way.

In the video, he also attempts to explain how time-travel works but in doing so he might have exposed himself.

His rather vague and poor explanation of dimensions and universes, using a pen and paper was even a bit flimsy to this writer, who struggles to get his head around The Terminator movies.

Noah has since been called out in the comments section of the video by a fellow YouTuber, Ethan Kahn, who runs the channel Everything Explained.

Time travel is real, but Noah’s story is a fake. I’m surprised people still believe him after he showed that animated ‘video of the future.’

Also, these are very amateurish descriptions of time travel that you can learn about anywhere online or by watching Science Channel shows.

The last method, where he explained the different dimensions, wasn’t even describing other dimensions. Other dimensions do not mean other universes.

You enter other universes by travelling through other dimensions. That’s because each higher dimension includes lower-dimensional spaces (universes) embedded within it.

That’s how Cartesian dimensions work, so don’t even argue with me unless you’re a math professor.

Whatever you think of Noah and whether you believe his story or not you're are going to want to see his next video where he has promised to show us a real-time machine from the future.

Will it be a piece a technological marvel that will blow our minds or will it just be a chair with some handles and egg boxes glued to it? Watch this space to find out.

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