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One man’s light-hearted Tinder profile following an accident has gone viral.

Joe, 27, from Virginia, suffered serious injuries after two hay bales weighing 1,500lb each collapsed on top of him, breaking his pelvic bone.

He survived the accident and he’s getting extensive treatment at the hospital. Rather than let it get him down, he decided to use it as an opportunity to date.

Joe turned to imgur, where he uploaded his Tinder profile.

And it’s pretty great.

His updated Tinder bio reads: “Sup ladies, I’m joe, I just got crushed by 3000 pounds. Got a broken pelvis but still dtf. I do have a catheter. I don’t wanna be 'one of those guys' who lies about his catheter status. The catheter may be an issue but great minds do great things.”

Bedbound, you literally have to do all the work. I probably can’t get off..Or get hard. But hey; great minds. Anyway, here at UVA medical centre if you wanna smash.

He listed his job as “patient at the University of Virginia’s medical centre".

People online are really impressed by the bio - and his joking.

One person couldn’t help but tease him: “Get better soon, but why would you need tinder when you already found your crush?”

Another jested: “You didn’t find a needle by any chance?”

But mostly, people were happy he’s alright.

“Bless his heart, still looking to smash after being smashed,” another added.

He also took the opportunity to be serious, and wrote:

I should be dead, I still can’t wrap my mind around how I survived. It was pure luck.

I have a long road to recover ahead of me. And it’s gonna be painful, but that’s ok. Because I’m still alive, breathing, and no longer crushed under 3000lbs of hay, so I welcome any and all pain.

But he wants prospective lovers to know: “I still got that Tinder game.”

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