To anyone who complains about Muslims not protesting against terror attacks

To anyone who complains about Muslims not protesting against terror attacks

At least 84 people have been killed and dozens more injured after a lorry ploughed into crowds in the French city of Nice on Thursday.

The attacker, who was shot dead by police, has been identified by local media as a 31-year-old French-Tunisian man.

Following the attack, the third mass killing in France in the past 18 months, the usual rabble have been calling on "moderate Muslims" to condemn it.

Obviously ignoring the fact that thousands, if not millions, of Muslims are always condemning terror attacks, it also ignores the fact that Muslims are often the biggest victims of these tragedies around the world - like the 300 murdered in Baghdad last week.

Map: Statista

In Britain alone, Muslims have taken to the streets to protest, taken out a paid newspaper advert to condemn Isis and have to repeat ad nauseam the same thing on social media.

And that's not to mention that turning society-at-large against the Muslim community is what Isis wants.

One of the most lucid (and sweary) arguments against those blaming "moderate Muslims" following the Nice attack came from journalist Nooruddean Choudry:

Another came from LBC radio presenter Nick Ferrari, who was told by a caller from Colchester:

I want to just see more Muslims demonstrating, show their demonstrating against it.

Ferrari responded:

Why just Muslims, why shouldn't everybody demonstrate against it? He's French, Tunisian and probably Muslim... so don't we need all the French people and hopefully all the Tunisians and, hey, some Muslims as well all joining together?

Why should Muslims living in London or anywhere else in Britain now start taking to the streets to say that they're not behind it? What makes you think they are?

When Dr Shipman was found to have murdered all those people, we didn't expect all doctors and nurses to march on the street, saying they're not like Dr Shipman, did we?

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