Tomi Lahren got fact checked by an 11-year-old and it was glorious

Tomi Lahren got fact checked by an 11-year-old and it was glorious

President Trump’s border wall is like the word “fetch” in Mean Girls – it’s probably never going to happen.

But this hasn’t stopped his conservative cheerleaders from going on and on (and on) about it since he took office. After his threat to shut down the government if the Congress controlled by Republicans didn't fund his wall, Tomi Lahren was on hand to talk about what a great idea it is. Because nothing says “fiscal responsibility” like wasting $5billion on a wall for no reason, right?

While FOX viewers probably loved Lahren’s stance, people on Twitter weren’t so keen.

An account under the name of 11 year-old Mari Copeny, known as Little Miss Flint, pitched an alternative use of taxpayer money – fixing the Flint water crisis.

The community of Flint in Michigan has been without clean drinking or bathing water for years following a contamination. The district, which is not affluent and populated with a high density of ethnic minorities, has been largely overlooked.

Lahren makes a living acting like a professional child on social media. But getting outsmarted by an 11 year-old, albeit a brilliant one, must surely be a new low.

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