YouTube prankster trolled Tommy Robinson and the EDL in the most perfect way

YouTube prankster trolled Tommy Robinson and the EDL in the most perfect way

What's the best way to troll a member of the far-right? How about convincing them to promote anti-far-right memorabilia by going under cover?

That's exactly what YouTuber and comedian Niko Omilana managed to do in his latest hilarious prank - and it's a must-see.

In the video, Omilana dons a disguise to make him look like a far-right old white grandpa, complete with hairy ears, wheelchair, patriotic Engerrlanddd scarf, and huge Union Jack flag.

And he has one mission - to troll Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the former leader of the English Defence League, a populist right-wing political party often associated with white supremacy and racism.

At the beginning of the trolling, Omilana cruises through the crowds of a pro-Brexit demonstration in London, having discussions with people on the march about getting immigrants 'out', while also being positive about Brexit.

Then, he swoops in for the big guns.

Speaking to the camera, he says:

Let's see if we can talk to Tommy, let's go.

When he sees the populist leader, the epic trolling begins:

Come down here you waffler, come down here you waffler, there we go.

He then says:

I've got a present for you, right here. There's a present for you see, that's for you.

Disguised Omilana then hands Robinson a hoody, with the initials NDL on it. When he asks what it is, Omilana replies:

It's NDL, it's NDL.

Then, looking at the camera, he says:

He has absolutely no idea I'm wearing a mask right now. 

Big win for the NDL. 

Finally, the deal is done. He manages to get Robinson to fully endorse the erroneous product:

Buy this, buy it. 

Get yourself one of these. 

And what does NDL actually stand for?

Niko Defence League merch. Niko Defence League.

Ouch, Tommy, just ouch.

Watch the entire video on Niko's YouTube channel here:

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