Tony Abbott just got busted for using a 2014 map from the Washington Post in a security briefing

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Thursday 25 June 2015 18:30

Tony Abbott, Australia's embattled prime minister who was tenderly described by John Oliver as a "human car crash", unfortunately managed to give comics a lot of fresh material this week.

He's been rounded upon for a photo op at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (Asio) which revealed potentially sensitive information in the documents and maps scattered around the table - but worse than that (potentially), Abbott was photographed studying a map of Isis controlled territory that is over a year old.

The photo, which was taken on Wednesday by Fairfax photographer Alex Ellinghausen, shows Abbott with Asio director Duncan Lewis, pointing at a map of the terror group's strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

One eagle-eyed Twitter used noticed that the map was a copy of one from the Washington Post using old information from the Institute for the Study of War:

Screenshot of the Washington Post map, taken from their website.

The ongoing battle between Isis and other rebel groups, the Syrian and Iraqi armies and Kurdish peshmerga fighters has developed so rapidly that a year old map is basically useless. This is the latest ISW version:

Understandably, Abbott and Asio have been lampooned on social media for the use of out of date information.

Asio later put out a statement that the documents on display during the filmed meeting weren't security sensitive. But people aren't buying it:

Abbottsolutely hopeless (sorry not sorry).

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