Tories complain that Jeremy Corbyn isn't getting enough air time

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 05 May 2017 14:15
Picture:(Carl Court/Getty Images)

The Conservatives are complaining to the BBC that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn isn’t getting enough airtime.

Yes. They are complaining that their opponents are not getting enough coverage.

You'd think any political party would want as much airtime as possible in the lead-up to a general election. But no, not the Tories.

The Financial Times writes:

The folks over at Conservative HQ are hawkishly watching news bulletins to ensure all the parties are receiving equal airtime and there is no obvious bias in the reporting.

Typically after a bulletin, a Tory spinner hits the blower to complain about unfair treatment and to seek redress as soon as possible…. The Tories are phoning in to complain that Mr Corbyn isn’t receiving enough airtime.

This might seem slightly confusing, but bear with us.

After Labour MP Diane Abbot's media sh*tstorm earlier this week, it’s obvious to see why the Tories are keen to see their political counterparts take up as much airtime as possible.

The latest polling shows the Conservatives are 19 points ahead of Labour, and 49 per cent of voters want to say Theresa May stay on as prime minister, compared to the 21 per cent currently backing Corbyn.

So no matter how many chips Mrs May gets photographed eating weirdly, all it takes is one train wreck Labour TV appearance to fix any minor Tory gaffe.

It's frightening in its simplicity.

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