Priti Patel said that she will 'end free movement once and for all' and people have a lot of thoughts

Home secretary Priti Patel has promised to end freedom of movement “once and for all” following Brexit.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, she spoke about a “particular responsibility” when it “comes to taking back control” following the UK leaving the European Union.

Patel went on to praise Australia’s controversial points-based immigration system, arguing that it works in the “best interests” of the country.

She said:

One that attracts and welcomes the brightest and the best. One that supports brilliant scientists, the finest academics and leading people in their fields.

At this, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott criticised the speech, saying Tories “all voted to cut the police and oversaw a rise in serious and violent crime.”

Priti responded to the criticism:

And one that is under the control of the British Government. Because, let me tell you something.

This daughter of immigrants, needs no lectures from the North London metropolitan liberal elite.

Many people online did not share her sentiments, calling them "xenophobic"

There were those who agreed with the home secretary

And those who were astonished by her words

Musa Okwonga, writer, argues that poc figures like Priti validate far-right political position

Patel added: “As Home Secretary at this defining moment in our country’s history, I have a particular responsibility when it comes to taking back control."

She went on to reveal her intention to put a £10 million fund towards equipping 60 per cent of police officers with tasers, and an additional £20 million investment to aid in identifying and breaking down drugs gangs across county lines.

Patel said the party was taking “its rightful place as the Party of Law and Order in Britain once again”.

 As we renew our place as the party of law and order in Britain, let the message go out from this hall today: To the British people - we hear you.

To the police service: We back you.

And to the criminals, I simply say this: We are coming after you.

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