Tourist shop condemned for selling mugs and wine with Adolf Hitler’s face on them

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A British tourist found wine and mugs with pictures of Adolf Hitler’s face and Nazi slogans in a supermarket near Venice.

A French tutor from Harrogate, called Angela Thompson, took a photos of the bottles, which were decorated with Third Reich symbols.

A mug called Tazza Del Fuhrer (Fuhrer’s Cup) was going for £5, and the wine bottles, which were labelled “Sieg Heil and Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!” (One People, One Empire, One Leader).

She had been shopping in the Italian resort of Lido Di Jesolo when she came across the bottles, and tweeted: “I knew fascism was on the rise but still shocked to see these in the local supermarket.”

Another tourist, Peter Davanzo, told Metro Online that he had found similar wine bottles in a small shop in Foggia, Puglia, South of Italy.

He said: "The owner had turned his back on me while he was serving another customer and I quickly took [pictures] without him noticing me."

The owner of the supermarket in Venice, Stefano Nopetti, told La Repubblicalast year: “It’s just business.”

Mr Nopetti said: "I have been selling the bottles for 30 years, no one has ever forbidden me to do so."

I’m neither fascist nor Nazi. But if people buy them – and these bottles, they buy so many – I keep selling them.

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