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If you need a prime example of the current state of British politics and just Britain in general, we would encourage you to take a look at the current transport ministers Twitter timeline.

George Freeman was appointed to the cabinet last month by Boris Johnson, replacing Chris Grayling, a man who was so good at his job that he managed to cost taxpayers £2.7 billion and also gave a ferry contract to a firm that had never built a ferry before.

Perhaps Freeman will be seeking a word with his Tory colleague today after he missed a train in Cambridge despite the driver clearly seeing him and others running for the train before closing the doors. This reportedly happened after a connecting service to London's King's Cross was delayed.

According to Freeman, the MP for Mid Norfolk, the guard at Cambridge could see him and four others running for the 9.09 train to Attleborough but still waved for the doors to be closed.

They were then stranded for an hour and according to Freeman's the guard 'smirked and ignored' their exasperation.

Being the thoroughly modern transport minister that he is, the now very late Freeman obviously took to Twitter to express his outrage.

This prompted a reply from Greater Anglia, the train company that were running the service, who explained to Freeman that they cannot hold services in such circumstances.

This prompted fury from Freeman who couldn't comprehend why the doors couldn't have been held for 15 seconds more without, you know, further disrupting a presumably complex train schedule. Given Freeman's current position as Transport minister, this is a little concerning.

Greater Anglia apologised for the inconvenience but emphasised that the rules are the rules, to which Freeman then enquired as to why there are even guards in the first place? Again, quite a concerning question considering his current position.

We all know what it's like to miss a train but considering that Freeman is in charge of the trains now, people had little sympathy.

Freeman has since followed this up by claiming that in his new role he will be a 'passengers champion' and when they pay for a ticket they should expect to be able to use an 'integrated service.'

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