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With 2020 fast approaching, people have been wondering which fictional characters would have voted for Donald Trump at the last election.

As Trump won nearly 63 million votes in 2016, it’s pretty likely that at least one popular character would have given their vote to him.

In a now-viral thread, Twitter user @malkatz set out the challenge - “Name a fictional character who absolutely voted for Trump. NO villains” - with a few additions points:

  • Time and location are not relevant - so there’s no need for them to be from the US or the 21st century
  • It doesn't matter if the character was canonically dead by 2016

Since it was posted on Sunday, the post has attracted more than 37,000 replies with an eclectic list of suggestions.

First, there were some ideas from the OP:

And these were some of the most popular suggestions from other users - with characters from shows ranging from The Simpsons to Gilmore Girls.

Wow... that Foghorn Leghorn shout is incredibly distressing, but also completely spot-on.

Not every suggestion was well-received though, as some people got very defensive about certain characters.

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