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Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to proudly share that he has a 50 per cent approval rating, and he's been predictably roasted for the brag.

In an early evening tweet, the president of the United States shared a graphic to his Twitter account, accompanied by the slogan:

Thank you! #MAGA

There are many things to unpack regarding this tweet, not least the fact that according to most current approval rating polls, Trump doesn't even score a 50 per cent approval rating with the American people.

According to statistics published by the New York Magazine, at FiveThirtyEight, which maintains the most accurate database of polls, Trump scored an average approval rating of 42.1 per cent, the day of the Barr-report.

On 18 April, when the redacted Mueller report was published, it remained almost exactly the same, at 42 per cent, according to an aggregate of 14 separate polls.

Now, according to the latest Reuters poll, published 19 April, that number has dropped even further, to a measly 37 per cent, following the publication of the redacted Mueller report.

So, where exactly he got this 50 per cent figure, we're not entirely sure.

It goes without saying that many people on social media also railed against the figure.

Many quoted the 37 per cent figure given by Reuters.

Others thought that even if it was 50 per cent, that's not exactly impressive.

Oh yes, 50 per cent, over half, very good.

There were of course also some Trump cheerleaders.

Also, 50 per cent is a fail.

Woohoo, half the country hates me.

Trump's approval is also way lower than Obama's.

Trump regularly takes to Twitter to boast that he has a 50 per cent approval rating, which he has now done approximately ten times. According to the Washington Post, the 50 per cent figure comes from Rasmussen Reports, a pollster that has consistently given the president a higher rating than anywhere else.

On 99.6 per cent of the days that Rasmussen released a poll, it was higher than the RealClearPolitics average of approval polls.

Did someone mention Fake News?

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