Biden campaign buys 'Keep America Great' domain to perfectly troll Trump

Andrew Harnik/AP/Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald Trump made a career out of putting his name of buildings and casinos but maintaining a grip of websites that he owns appears to have become a bit trickier for the president.

A website called, which is, of course, Trump's catchphrase for the 2020 election has had its web domain purchased by Joe Biden's campaign, which is now using the site to document many of the president's failings since being in office.

Biden shared a link to the website on Twitter last week, lamenting Trump for failing to keep the promises that he made to Americans in 2016.

The website features not much more than a black and white photo of a solemn-looking Trump and 12 of his biggest failures including coronavirus, immigration, healthcare, foreign policy, the economy and jobs, as well as stating what Trump had actually promised before he came to power.

On Trump's immigration policy, the website says:

President Trump’s cruel immigration policy has separated children from their families and threatened deportation to Dreamers who know no other country but this one. And no, Mexico has not paid for the wall.

Their assessment of Trump's handling of coronavirus is just as brutal:

President Trump failed to meaningfully address the pandemic, and his relative inaction has led to nearly six months of economic chaos, millions of lost jobs, and 180,000 American lives lost – with no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight.

Whether this stunt will actually have any impact upon the Trump campaign and any of his supporters who might stumble across the site remains to be seen but most major polls in the US continue to put Biden ahead of the president.

Both candidates there respective teams aimed pointed jabs at each other during their respective conventions with the first debates between the candidates scheduled to take place at the end of September.

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