Donald Trump isn't a man who minces his words but he often sticks to his own guns and seldom sings the praises of other world leaders.

Yet, with the UK in the midst of political turmoil as the Queen approves the suspension of parliament between September 12 and October 14 which should allow the government to force through a no-deal Brexit, if it comes to that, Trump has lashed out at opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn while also praising Boris Johnson.

In a tweet that the president posted on Wednesday afternoon, he claimed that it would be very hard for the Labour leader to seek a no-confidence vote against Johnson and that the current PM is exactly what the UK has been looking for and will prove to be 'a great one!'

Trump, who has never tweeted about Corbyn before and has quoted himself in this tweet, claims to 'Love UK' but he didn't exactly take a census before tweeting this bold statement and people aren't exactly thrilled with what his approximation of the prime minister.

Amazingly he didn't use the American spelling of Labour which might just be the most incredible thing of this entire tweet.

Although this is the first time that Trump has directly tweeted about Corbyn he was duped into tweeting a picture of the socialist MP way back in 2015.

Given recent interactions between the two, we really shouldn't be surprised that Trump is so keen for Boris to succeed as prime minister so it looks like we stuck with these two, for now.

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