The one thing Trump can legitimately brag about has gone away and he’s not happy
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Donald Trump has often responded to criticism of any description by referencing the wonders he’s done for the stock market since becoming president. It appears that is no longer an option with coronavirus fears leading to the markets crashing.

With the virus spreading and panic reigning, Trump attempted to soothe fears by saying: “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear”.

It’s a classic quote from the president with little science to back it up and instead a focus on blind faith. Terrifyingly, many believe Trump is playing down the severity of the virus in order to boost the market.

This is where we are at. The literal president potentially downplaying a global health crisis for fear a slump in the markets might impact his chances of re-election. It is the stuff of horror movies except the lights don’t come on at the end and things don’t go back to normal.

These truly are the end times.

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