Donald Trump, while visiting hospital employees and victims in El Paso in the aftermath of a mass shooting that claimed 22 lives, started boasting about the size of one of his rallies.

Video has emerged of the President championing the efforts of the staff before asking to be reminded of the name of the arena in which he held and comparing the attendance to that of one held by “Crazy Beto” O’Rourke, the local Democratic presidential candidate.

Trump's brag came after he met a man at the hospital who had attended the rally in El Paso (and was even wearing Trump socks), which sent the president, who was accompanied by the first lady, off on a less than humble ego trip.

The opposing rallies took place in February, where Trump took repeated digs at O'Rourke and claimed that he only had around '300 people' at his rally, compared the 35,000 that the president pulled.

It’s an extraordinarily 'unstatesmanlike' moment from the undisputed master of ignorance and even Alan Partridge could argue he came out of a hospital visit with more dignity.

People were not impressed.

If Trump's behaviour in the past few days has been a little too much to take, we would recommend that you watch this video from CNN's Anderson Cooper, which shows how a president should act in the wake of a tragedy.

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