Trump ridiculed for typing 'Frorida' in embarrassing Twitter meltdown

Trump ridiculed for typing 'Frorida' in embarrassing Twitter meltdown

In some ways, Trump hasn't changed much since becoming president.

Sure, he's shocked even his staunchest opponents by suggesting a delay to the presidential election, tear gassing his own citizens and presiding over the highest death rate from coronavirus in the world.

But sometimes he likes to get back to basics.

By banging on about his beloved border wall, for example. Or by recreating the hilarity and high drama of that time he tweeted about "covfefe" in 2017.

This time, he totally mistyped the word 'Florida'. And thus, 'Frorida' was born.

The tweet it came from is pretty standard stuff from the president.

All the key ingredients of a classic Trump tweet are there: superlatives, self praise, a dig at Joe Biden, reference to "fake news" and even a 'Sad!' at the end to top it off.

But obviously, people are more focussed on the massive misspelling in the first line.

There were jokes.

There was some (perhaps slightly spurious) analysis.

But seriously, it's not a difficult word to type.

There were references to 'person, woman, man, camera, TV'.

And even to Scooby-Do.

Trump deleted his tweet after it had been up for over an hour, replacing it with one where 'Florida' is spelt correctly.

This might have come a bit late, though.

'Covfefe' was deleted in a matter of minutes and it's still iconic.

The president doubled down on his assertion that "massive crowds" greeted in Texas and Florida.

Spoiler: they didn't.

Whether you spell it Florida, Frorida or any other way, the 'crowds' of people greeting Trump were actually pretty small.

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