As the world watches the on-going catastrophe of America’s border patrol policy, which sees children being separated from their parents, President Trump decided to start lecturing Germany about its crime rate.

Trump tweeted saying that “crime in Germany is way up”, but in fact the opposite is true.

In May 2018, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer — who is actually the leader of the right-wing section inside Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet — released new data indicating that Germany’s crime rate had fallen to its lowest level since 1992. The new figures show a drop in crime of 5.1 per cent over the previous year, with 5.76 million crimes reported.

Immigration is a difficult issue for the coalition government that Merkel oversees. While the right of her party think she is too pro-immigrant, the left of the coalition believe the opposite is true. But regardless of how many immigrants live in Germany, Trump’s claim is nothing more than alternative facts, also known as lies.

This is Trump's first mention of Germany since the G7 summit, where an iconic photo of himself, Merkel and other world leaders facing off went viral. Considering Merkel is currently serving her fourth term as Chancellor - without the help of Russian interference - we're not sure she'll be paying too much attention to Trump's advice.

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