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A national security lawyer has perfectly explained why Trump’s latest complaint about “bias” is nonsense.

Yesterday, Trump complained about how “in the ‘old days” a president with a good economy was “basically immune from criticism”.

There’s one major problem with that claim… it’s not true.

At the very least, it wasn’t true for Bill Clinton – as Bradley P Moss pointed out.

Clinton was impeached, in relation to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, during a time of low unemployment, strong economic growth and a budget surplus.

And all presidents receive criticism – no-one is “immune” from it – no matter how well the economy is doing.

Politifact found four presidents who had low approval ratings and low unemployment (traditionally, a sign of economic strength) - Truman, Johnson, Nixon and George W Bush.

Like Trump, those presidents were all hurt by issues separate from the economy – from the Vietnam and Iraq wars to Watergate.

Also that 'It's the economy, stupid' quote actually comes from Clinton's presidential campaign in 1992.

Moss wasn’t the only person to point out how stupid Trump’s whining was.

(For the record, Coca Cola denies they ever used cocaine in their recipe – although it was allegedly an ingredient in the late 1800s.)

Also seriously, why would anyone want the president to be immune from criticism?

Not being allowed to criticise the president is basically a one-way ticket to a dictatorship.

As usual, this is just another example of Trump being ridiculously thin-skinned.

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