A White House source said Hillary Clinton lost to Trump on purpose for a bizarre reason and this was her response

Since long before president Trump won the 2016 election, he’s made effective use of conspiracy theories.

From Barack Obama to Jeffrey Epstein, he uses bizarre stories to appeal to his core base of radicalised supporters. There’s also evidence to suggest that Trump supporters are likely to believe outright lies, like the earth being flat.

But now a White House staffer has reportedly come up with a ludicrous theory of their own.

CNN analyst Brian Karem tweeted to say that a White House source had told him:

Hillary Clinton purposely lost the election with the aid of Russian hacking so the Democrats could then impeach Trump.

Yes, really.

This is obviously, to anyone who watched Clinton’s concession speech in 2016 or who has a grasp on reality, a completely ridiculous theory.

Even Clinton noticed.

The former secretary of state responded in the most 2019 way possible: on Twitter with a GIF of herself looking exasperated during a presidential debate with Trump.

Never change, 2019.

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