The lawyer of a key impeachment witness is trolling Trump and the Republicans

The lawyer of a key impeachment witness is trolling Trump and the Republicans

The lawyer for a man who could become a star witness in the ongoing impeachment process against Donald Trump is trolling the president as part of a campaign to win his client the chance to reveal what he knows about the Ukraine scandal to Congress.

Lev Parnas is one of two Eastern European-born associates of Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani that were arrested back in October after being charged with campaign finance violations relating to Trump's re-election effort.

Parnas, along with his business partner Igor Fruman, were apprehended as Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia and it subsequently transpired both men had access to Trump’s inner circle and might have played a part in the plot to uncover dirt on the president’s domestic political rival Joe Biden.

With the president found to have abused his power and obstructed Congress by the House, his trial in the Senate is expected to get underway within weeks and Joseph A Bondy, Parnas’s lawyer, is starting to make a lot of noise on Twitter with his client willing to testify.

According to Bondy a "trove" of Parnas's WhatsApp messages, texts and images have been handed over could that contain details of others who are relevant to the impeachment inquiry.

Bondy has also added that the contents of two phones that belong to his client have been handed over to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence but the contents of which, remain under a protective order preventing it from entering the public discourse before adding that they are working on obtaining more materials for the HPSCI.

Since those tweets, which were posted on Monday, Bondy has adopted a much more relaxed and comedic tone where he has taken to mocking the likes of Trump, Giuliani and Mitch McConnell.

One tweet sees him call out Rep. Steve Scalise, the Republican's Minority Whip in the House of Representatives who back in November called Trump's impeachment a "charade."

Bondy quote retweeted Scalise's post about the impeachment with a picture of Scalise stood alongside Parnas and Fruman which isn't awkward for the Republican at all.

Another tweet sees Bondy tag Trump, Giuliani, McConnell and Democratic senator and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer demanding that they 'call the witnesses' followed by the hashtags #LetLevSpeak and #LevRembers.

The creme de la creme of this tweet is the video that Bondy has including which is basically a slide show of Parnas photographed alongside Trump and Giuliani set to MC Hammer's 'U Can't Touch This.'

We're not entirely sure what has warranted this kind of iconic behaviour from Bondy but Twitter is here for it.

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