The spotlight on Donald Trump is even brighter than usual after he backtracked on comments supporting Russian denials over interference in the 2016 US election this week.

But the bulbs at the White House appeared to be having problems.

Trump was insisting he had "full faith" in US intelligence agencies when the lights in the Cabinet Room went out, briefly plunging Trump, members of his Cabinet, lawmakers and the media into darkness.

Trump joked:

Whoops, they just turned off the lights.

That must be the intelligence agencies.

When the lights were switched back on, he asked if everyone was OK.

Before returning to his statement, he said:

That was strange. But that's OK.

Trump was attempting to make clear that he fully supports the consensus across US intelligence that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

This comes after Trump said he could think of "no reason" Russia would be involved with the meddling at a joint press conference with Vladmir Putin at a summit in Helsinki, sparking massive bipartisan backlash.

People did not let the opportunity to mock Trump go amiss.

Some noticed that the lights went out just as Trump said "faith".

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