Donald Trump has again claimed that his daughter Ivanka has created an impossible amount of jobs since he came to office in 2017.

Speaking at the White House on Friday, the president praised Ivanka, who works as his senior adviser, and the efforts that she has gone to create more jobs for the people of the United States.

He said:

Ivanka has been a champion for administrative and legislative actions to combat human trafficking. She has a true heart. This issue has been so important to her. 

This and making sure that people are ready for work. She has now created over 15 million jobs for the people of this country, one of the reasons our unemployment numbers are the best ever. 

This would be impressive if it wasn't completely untrue.

When he came to office, Trump had promised to create 25 million jobs but a report from USA Today in December showed that in 33 months as president he had only succeeded in creating as many as 5.7 million jobs, a respectable figure but one that is still short of those created by Barack Obama.

We're not sure why Trump has praised Ivanka so much for job creation but he does have a history with this.

In November he claimed that Ivanka had created 14 million times, which at the time was reported to be associated to her role as a co-chair a workforce policy board that aims to increase training opportunities for workers.

Forbes adds that Ivanka obtained pledges from around 300 companies who vowed to create training and other kinds of opportunities, with herself stating that even that figure only equated to a total of 6.3 million, still considerably short of the 15 million floated by her father.

This begs the question of why Trump has boasted about these figures again and added an extra million, especially when these roles could be barely considered jobs.

An unbelievable lie, even by the president's standards.

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